Saturday, May 5, 2012

Omniscence - Amazin' (3 Boyz From Newark Remix - Street Version)

Omniscence - Amazin' (3 Boyz From Newark Remix - Street Version):

This is over 15 years in the making: the street version of the 3 Boyz From Newark remix of Omniscence's "Amazin'". Mixed and mastered by yours truly.

See, the problem was that a street (read: dirty) version of this remix was never released (or perhaps even created, although Om's probably got it stashed away somewhere). There was only an edited version. Interestingly though, there was a street version of the acapella on the 12", and also the remix instrumental. Once I got my hands on two copies of the vinyl (circa 1999) and two new Shure Whitelabel cartridges (circa two weeks ago), magic was the result.

This is hands-down in my Top 5 for 90's hip-hop, and a beast of a track from an artists who--despite getting a Hip-Hop Quotable in the Source when this dropped--quickly went the vanished way of so many rappers during that era.
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